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About Dubbo

Dubbo City is indeed a City of many attractions. In fact, there is so much to see and do in Dubbo that you invariably leave with a list of "what to see next time" - There is something here for everyone.

Dubbo is best known for its world famous Western Plains Zoo, but the real surprise is that there are other very successful and unique tourist attractions that are open to the public and available all year round.

Come & enjoy a picnic in one of the many landscaped parks on the Macquarie River, wonder through the Japanese Gardens & observe the stars at the Dubbo Observatory behind the famous Western Plains Zoo, taste a glass of wine at the Lazy River Estate also located on the Macquarie River or take home a bottle of Medal Winning wines from Red Earth Estate, Dubbo’s largest winery which is just located passed the entrance to the Zoo. A chill will run down your spine when you pass through the history of time at the Old Dubbo Goal.

There is great shopping, appetizing cafes, superb restaurants & lots of old fashioned country hospitality.

For more information on Dubbo and its many attractions, please visit the Dubbo Tourism website.

For more information on the Zoo, please click here

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For more information about what is happening in and around Dubbo, we recommend visiting the Dubbo Tourism website.

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